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Maximum PC:  The world's greatest PC magazine. Constantly entertaining and informing, with an attitude that sets it apart from its pale competitors.

Bad Menu:  The entries here tend to be poorly translated items on Chinese menus (or just things that correctly translated aren't appealing to waiguoren.

bare•bones e-zine:  Excellent reviews of old pulp novels and comic books. More comic books than I would care for, however.

Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine:  If you don't want to miss an alligator sighting, be sure to subscribe to this one! In addition, Crider, a very successful writer, provides news and reviews about mystery books as well as a host of other interesting things. He posts a lot, but it is well worth your time to scroll through them each day. There is bound to be something to pique your interest.

Celebrating Films of the 1960s & 1970s:  Intelligent coverage of its title subject.

Cover Junkie:  In-depth snarky comments about interesting or ridiculous book covers.

Cover Me!:  Covers of old pulp science fiction magazines with descriptions of their contents and commentary about the authors.

Criggo:  Hysterical things from newspapers. Many of these are headlines but there are also things from the want ads and from articles. You MUST subscribe to this one.

Ed Gorman's Blog:  Another successful mystery (and other genres) writer covers the book scene. Not as prolific a poster as Bill Crider.

Good Show Sir:  British blog of silly book covers and commentary.

John D. MacDonald Covers:  Just what it says. Eventually, this blog will get to every version of every John D. MacDonald book ever printed anywhere. But along with the covers, there is also some good commentary and links to other sites for in-depth reviews of the books.

Killer Covers:  For a change, this blog focuses on covers that AREN'T ridiculous.

Munsey's Technosnarl:  The blog for the www.munseys.com web site, the world's best source for free pulp fiction (and lots of other things.)

Mystery*File:  Well-done, lengthy reviews of books, movies, and everything mystery-related.

Old Bones:  Good reviews of mystery, spy, etc. fiction here, but the postings are few and far between.

Pop Sensation:  A memorable pulp fiction (usually) or other vintage paperback book cover with hilarious comments, plus a peek at what's on page 123. Pop Sensation is sensational.

pornokitsch:  Book and movie reviews. Excellent reviews of all of John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee novels.

Psycho-Noir:  Blog of pulp writer Heath Lowrance. A lot of self promotion, but interesting nevertheless.

Pulp of the Day:  Posts an old book or magazine cover and asks you to write a caption. Some of the submissions are hilarious. Recently has begun to award (small) prizes.

Pulp Serenade:  Great coverage of pulp books and authors up to the present day.

PulpInternational.com:  Very well done site, some NSFW, that covers various ephemera related to old movies and tabloids. Reproduces lots of old tabloid pages, which can be fascinating.

Retrospace:  Anything retro--fashion, books, you name it. This blogger works about as hard as the next ten bloggers combined to scan in everything he provides here. I especially like some of the old "found" photographs he digs up.

Rough Edges:  More very good coverage of (guess what?) mystery and pulp fiction, westerns, movies, etc.

The Rap Sheet:  Full coverage of mystery books, movies, TV, etc.

The Trap of Solid Gold:  Anything and everything about John D. MacDonald by a very knowledgeable fan.

Those Sexy Vintage Sleaze Books: Covers similar books to Pop Sensation, but includes in-depth well-done reviews.

Torfu:  Things people have posted on Break Room refrigerators, microwaves, etc.

Vintage Hardboiled Reads:  Just what it says, but "vintage" doesn't necessarily mean "ancient".

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